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Komeer Blog

Komeer at the Oxfordshire Headteachers' Conference

Komeer attends this year's prestigious Oxfordshire Headteachers' Conference which took place place at the Crowne Plaza, Stratford-upon-Avon, UK from 8th - 10th March 2017. Komeer are exhibiting for the first time at this year's Oxfordshire Headteachers' Conference...

Komeer at the IPPN Conference

Komeer is attending this year's prestigious IPPN Conference (Irish Primary Principals' Network) which is taking place at the City West Hotel, Saggart, Co. Dublin from 26th - 27th January 2017. Hello, Komeer are exhibiting for the first time at this year's IPPN...

How to send Christmas Greeting Messages with Komeer

Now that Christmas and New year are fast approaching, schools using Komeer have been in contact enquiring about nice ways to use Komeer to wish their parents and students a Happy Christmas. So here it is: 1. Login to your school account at 2. Click on...

New innovators: Pat Walsh of Komeer

Pat Walsh: "People were being contacted in various different ways from texts and email to Facebook and I felt there had to be a better way of communicating with groups on a regular basis."   As anyone who has to communicate regularly with groups of people knows,...

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