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Why choose Komeer text alerts

Why choose Komeer?

Komeer is the only GDPR Compliant complete communications and payments service. 

The service also includes communications, activity and event organisation, GDPR support and now Payments collection all in one place.

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Komeer helps communities text alert groups stay connected

Stay Connected

Komeer allows communities to stay connected with all their members as messages can be sent via the App, Email, Web App, or SMS, even in isolated areas.

Having a connected community makes a safer community. The Komeer App is FREE for all members to download.

Police Alerts for Your Community Group

Connect with your local Garda Station

Gardaí can send alerts directly from their email address. This ensures that alerts can reach community members as fast as possible.

The alert will automatically show on the admin dashboard, where you can view the delivery rate and responses from the users.

Community text alert groups and neighbourhood watch messaging schemes

Who is Komeer for?

If you run a Community Text Alerts Group, Neighbourhood Watch Scheme, Residents Association Group or Business Watch Groups, Komeer will work for you.

With no setup fee, you can create your account and get your members on board straight away.

Working together

Create a Community Group

Sign up to Komeer now and stay connected with all your community members. Changing over from your current provider is hassle-free and straightforward as we do all the heavy lifting for you.

Start your 30 Day Free Trial now.

Join an existing group

As a community member, you can join an existing community group/s in your area.

Click the button below and see how you can join your group. 

Benefits for your Community

Instant Garda/Police alerts to all groups

No setup fees

No more SMS costs (when using app, email, web app)

GIS Location Alerts

GIS, location based alerts

Attach files and photos

Fast and easy unlimited communications

Komeer App Weather Alerts

Daily weather alerts and weather warnings

GDPR support – keep contact details up to date

Promote fundraising events

Know in advance how many will be attending events

24/7 Health and Safety alerts

Free App for all users

Covid-19 Free Text Alerts

Covid-19 Free Alerts Service

Easy collection of fees – reduce admin time and costs

Automatically collect subscription fees

Save time and money the easy way

Stay connected with your community

Secure two-way messaging

App Communications



Fast, secure unlimited communications, no more SMS costs, instant Garda/Police alerts, no 160 character limit, secure group communications you can trust.

Community Text Alert Service

Monaghan Garda App Alert3

Community Events

Organise Events

Send unlimited communications and organise events, keep notified on local events, fundraising events and community services, know in advance who is attending.

Collect Payments

Collect Payments

Send payment alerts and collect payments within the app, track all payments per user, automatically collect subscription fees, full transparency with reports and audit trail, refunds and cash accepted.

Monaghan Garda App Alert5

Komeer Weather Alerts Settings

Komeer App Weather Alerts

Weather Alerts

Komeer’s weather alerts can be enabled to receive daily weather updates for your local area. Receive weather warnings for extreme weather events as part of your daily weather alert.
Profile Screens GDPR

GDPR for Communities

Be GDPR Compliant

GDPR checklist on dashboard, users manage their own data, keeps all your data up to date, less GDPR worries and saves on administration time, Data Retention Management

Download Komeer App

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